петак, 29. април 2016.

One of the key reasons...

… why It's enough (Dosta je bill - DJB) is over census is in, if we spoke in chess terms, miniature that DJB played after the mistake of Democratic party (DS) and coalition of ex Serbian president Tadić, SDS, Jovanović from Liberal democratic party (LDP) and regional leader Čanak from LSV (also known as ČedaBorisČanak)…
Do you all remember the bags from the beginning of the second round of presidential campaign in 2012? Now, remember the shouts from DJB to DS in region Vojvodina and Belgrade municipalities Stari grad and Vračar about the list and the participation on elections. Similar? I think so.
Radulović from DJB does not speak the truth when he says that he was under media blockade. When it matters for the campaign, in the last 2 weeks – he was present in absolutely all media. If you don’t trust me just google radulovic ds listaand pay attention on the dates, and what appears. In that time DJB’s strongest attacks were towards DS.
Let’s go back on the researching… Most of them showed that there is over 20% of people that want to vote, but don’t know for who. With further analysis (by gender, education, where they live, employment, earnings…) you realize that more than half of those are potentially, in the way that it has been called until 2012, pro-european option. If we talk numbers, that is more than 350.000 people that wanted to vote on this elections, but they didn’t want to vote for the ruling parties or right-nacionalist parties. Basically, on the republic elections, they could choose between DS, ČBČ, DJB or abstinence.
Opportunity was used excellent by the DJB strategists. Their simple message box that was primarily focused against Vučić and SNS, that they were repeating for almost 18 months, made their electorate body solid, but also, it didn’t bring new voters. Now, they were provided with few more messages like: However, in Vojvodina, Demokratska stranka’s biggest fear is Dosta je bilo movement or They are fighting against us with all their power and by any means necessary, because they desperately want to save their undeserved official positions and salaries or We strongly condemn all the illegal games that are being used to obstruct elections process, games which Demokratska stranka used the most. We expected this kind of moves from the SNS, but not from the DS. Strong attacks like this, repeated for days, with inarticulate responses from DS and ČBČ coalition in the end gave positive result.
And for the end. Why is this formula 1 an illustration. On the races, often one driver isolates and nobody can catch up with him. Then, directors are looking for some other duels that can be interesting for the public. They usually finish just like this – at least one of the participants ends up race earlier.

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